Our Mission

We will guide our customers to the start of a good life.

NEST project

We are working on becoming a group company that has become a model service standard throughout Mongolia.

Our vision

We will work to reach the heart of each client. We give new opportunities to our customers. We will create a new world with our customers

Why us??

  • Warm heart

  • Help and advice

  • Hopeful

Our services

For the customer

Secured loan by immovable property

Secured loan by cars

Secured loan by phone number 9911, 9909…

Currency exchange

Once you become our regular customer and increase your trading and frequency level, then we are able to offer you more flexible rates. If you need to trade foreign currency, please click on more details and contact our dealer directly for exchange rate information.

Car sales and service kit

Car sales

We will import cars of the brand, color and model that you wanted, and will hold the keys in your hand.

Maintenance discount

Depending on the value of the car, we will pay the maintenance fee of the car you bought from 5-25 million MNT for 3 years

Auto loan

Loan up to 50% of the value of the car that you want to buy

Partner organizations

How can we help you?

Nest Finance llc

Branch in Japan

You can look over the sub company’s activity in Japan, which is working under the slogan “Look at the world from Japan”, by following the link below